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Jul 31
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Platina 4 Jewelry
Rose de France Amethyst and Diamond Ring

Rose de France Amethyst and Diamond Ring

Smoky Quartz Blue Topaz and Diamond Pendant

Smoky Quartz Blue Topaz and Diamond Pendant

What is Platina 4? Recently I’m noticed nice pieces of jewelry crafted from this new metal. Developed in 2007, Platina 4 is a patented metal created by fine jewelry supplier, Star Ring. The metal is actually a compilation of four different precious metals: silver, palladium, platinum and gold along with a proprietary alloy. The resultant white metal is hypoallergenic, re-size-able, can be polished and cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners or mild soap and water, is tarnish resistant, and is more scratch resistant than 14-karat gold. The metal is noted for retaining its brilliant, white luster.  Less expensive than gold, Platina 4 is very affordable for today’s consumer.   Platina 4 is exclusively sold to Star Ring retailers.  Platina 4 rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces can be found at REEDS Jewelers.


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