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Sep 15
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Platina 4 Jewelry
Neptune Garden Toapz and Diamond Ring

Neptune Garden Toapz and Diamond Ring

Have you heard of Platina 4 jewelry?  Created by Star Ring a fine jewelry supplier in 2007, Platina 4 is a patented metal made of four different precious metals: silver, palladium, platinum and gold along with a proprietary alloy. Platina 4  is hypoallergenic and very easily maintained.  It is used in many jewelry styles and gemstones.  Platina 4 is a more durable metal which means it is less likely to scratch or scuff than 14kt gold, but yet maintain the same shine.

Men's Platina 4 Gray Cat's Eye & Diamond Ring

Men's Platina 4 Gray Cat's Eye & Diamond Ring

The Platina 4 collection has some beautiful gemstone jewelry.  Larger stone rings are a big trend this fall and Platina 4 has some gorgeous, unique colors and styles.  One of my favorites is the Neptune Garden topaz and Diamond Ring.  I just love the shades of blue of this ring.  There are lots of styles and designs within the collection.  You can find birthstone rings set in the Platina4 metal as well as wedding bands for men and women.  There are beautiful gemstone pendants as well.  Platina 4 also offers a wide variety of diamond jewelry.


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One Response to “ Platina 4 Jewelry ”
  1. Tim Budnick

    Oct 28, 2010

    I am researching P4 for a class at Arizona State University (research and negotiations).  So far this metal alloy appears to be a good thing.  From what I can see, it is produced by one company, Star Ring, Inc. but they allowed their trademark expire.  I’m curious about everything surrounding this metal.  My fiance even picked P4 for my wedding ring.  If anyone has any information please correspond with me via e-mail at tbudjobs@hotmail.com.

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